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Introduce our up-dated induction heating applications such as special brazing of hard and/or diamond tool mostly custom-made under ono-oxidized atmosphere.
Both vertical/horizontal brazing jig in the crystal chamber is now available however conventional.

Induction heating application sample
Induction heating is popular method in the various field of metal base material processing.
Introduce most suitable system for various application composed of optimum RF generator, Matching and induction coils.


Hardening of metal parts

Called heat treatment process

Rapid heating and cooling produce surface hardening

Deformation processing by metal pre-heating

Stress relief of deformed products

Tempering of metal parts

Billet heater for thermal forging

Billet heater for extrusion

Pre-heating for cold working

Annealing of metal wire


Copper pipe brazing

Various application of induction brazing is common method

Brazing in atmosphere, gas atmosphere and vacuum

Diffusion of metal molecule at mutual metal surface produce joint

Shrink fitting and releasing is obtained by thermal expansion of metal


Carbides/diamond tips brazing

Carbides bits brazing

Diffused junction

Shrink fitting of mechanical parts

Releasing parts shrink fixed

Shrink fitting of collet chucks

Brazing of metal and ceramics


Direct metal melting & casting

Process under atmosphere, gas atmosphere and vacuum

Direct melting by using ceramic crucible

Indirect melting by using carbon crucible usually

Less than 100kg melting uses RF induction in general

Indirect metal melting & casting

Continuous metal forging

Jewel melting & casting


Thermo-plastic joint


Metal parts Insert

Drying coated plastic resin

Drying glue rubber on metal


Getter heating for fluorescent lamp, C-CFL, neon lamp

Mono-crystal pulling


Equipment for metal testing,

Superheated steam generation



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Example of heat treatment of steel: quenching/annealing
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    Specified area heating for hardening or annealing
    Specified area heating is available
    Hardening sliding area of internal side of ring
    Annealing to prevent crack from welding process

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    Rotating quenching and coolant spray coil built-in
    Obtainable hard surface and tough inside of steel material
    Rapid heat and cool-down is produced by rotary mechanism
    and coolant spray
    The higher frequency produce in the thinner area heating

Brazing, soldering, etc
Select most suitable brazing material and flux to match with kinds of material to be jointed

Available non oxidation brazing by combination of RF induction and inert gas atmosphere

Also available for quick and partial soldering process, especially for high-temperature solder such as lead-free

  • ローラー電極とフード部

    Brazing of steel pipe and copper tube

  • 固定式操作パネル

    Brazing of carbide tip
    for construction industry

  • PLCを搭載、多様な機能が可能

    Small carbide tip 0.8 in diameter brazing

  • SMC/BMCの機械部品成型やメラミン樹脂による食器成型に

     Non-oxidization brazing
    in vacuum chamber

Melting at atmosphere or inert gas atmosphere

Indirect melting:
When carbon crucible is heated by RF induction, material charged shall be melted by heat conduction from high temperature of carbon crucible.
Same carbon crucible means no affection to heating efficiency caused by difference of material to be melted

Direct melting:
When mainly ceramics crucible is used, conductivity material charged is heated by RF energy directly.
Direct heating of material means free from contamination
Otherwise, heating effect depends upon characteristic of material

Zone melting:
By the electromagnetic field force of heating coil and eddy current flow at material, material will be melted under floating condition at heating coil area
No using of crucible means free from contamination

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    Indirect melting by carbon crucible in the vacuum chamber

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    Direct melting under atmosphere condition

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    Zone melting

Shrinkage fitting and releasing

Shrinkage fitting:
Thermal expansion of material by RF induction heating is applied for shrink fitting application such as shaft fixing
Application examples are; motor shaft fixing, high speed tool fixing
To obtain expansion of material, external or internal location of heating coil is selectable

Fitting release:
 In turn, RF induction method is applied for releasing the inserted part by thermal expansion.
Special application for surface treatment such as thin film formation

The carbon SUSCEPTOR in the quarts chamber is heated up to high temperature by RF induction
When reactant gas is charged into quarts chamber, thin film is formatted on surface of target loaded on SUSCEPTOR.   
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Application for plastic and rubber industries

Joint and/or insert in the field of molded plastic parts assembly
Metal wire or metal net enclosed in the thermo-plastic can easily melt the plastic and obtainable to joint parts or insert metallic fixing.
Example: hermetic sealing by metal wire, knurled nut insertion

Drying of coated resin or glue
Heating-up the metallic material quickly by RF induction method, drying process of resin paint or glue coated on surface of metallic material is shortened.

Fluid and/or gas heating

By the method of heat conduction from carbon media to be heated up by RF induction, fluid and gas heating is available.
Carbon media such as lotus root form located inside of quarts chamber is easily heated up by RF induction.
Superheated steam (300 to 800 Celsius) generated has high enthalpy and applied for unique application.
Liquid body such as pure water heat-up is obtainable by using GLC(Glass Like Carbon) media without contamination

  • 高周波プレヒータにロボットハンドを併設し、タブレットの移送と投入を行います

    Superheated steam generation system

  • 食品サンプルなどの大型成型品の加熱用

    GLC ball located inside of quarts chamber and heating coil

400kHz to 1.5 MHz utilization
For small diameter wire heating and/or thin film of metallic material heating

  • 高周波プレヒータにロボットハンドを併設し、タブレットの移送と投入を行います

    1.5MHz frequency applied is enable to heat-up wire size 0.3 mm

  • 食品サンプルなどの大型成型品の加熱用

    Getters inside of C-CFL, fluorescent lamp and neon lamp is
    heated up by 1.5MHz

Particular application example
  • ローラ回転用絶縁シャフト

    Uniform heating of large diameter carbon disk by unique heating coil

  • 帰還用アース銅板

    Carbon die heating for sintering process

  • 高圧自動接地機構

    Continuous surface heating of steel pipe for powder coating

  • ダストフィルター

    Continuous and uniform surface heating of steel plate

RF induction heating technology, utilization of sensor and robot and human interface
Fully automated system for precise parts production process is realized based on above technical elements organization.
Co-operation with maker and user starting from fundamental test and designing has led its successful result
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    Fully automated shrink fitting system

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    Fully automated brazing system

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    Fully automated heat treatment system