Company ideology

I.mecs assembles the idea of our professional network (Seed) to comply with our customer's various requirements (Needs)

I.mecs finds market (Needs) with the combination of our sales, researching, designing & manufacturing (Seeds)

I.mecs provides technical training, spare parts, repairing and up-grading services of HF Pre-heaters.

I.mecs has the treasures of reliable network and its wisdoms based on the core technology of High Frequency (RF) applications.

Industrial Material & Equipments Combined System service

Company Profile

Feb, 1998
Capital paid
J.Yen 10,000,000 (US$100,000.00)
2-4-22 Wada Higashi-Tokorozawa Tokorozawa Saitama, Japan 359-0023
tel : 81-4-2951-6010 fax : 81-4-2951-6011
E-mail :
Kiraboshi Bank Ltd Nishi-Ikebukuro branch
The Musashino Bank Ltd Higashi-tokorozawa branch
Y. Fukushima - Chairman
A. Ishii          - president
K. Ooyama    - Director
K. Tsukazawa -Auditor (Additional Technology Counselor)

Company history

Feb, 1998
Established at Toshima-ku, Tokyo
May, 1999
Started HF Pre-heater development & providing technical service
Sep, 1999
Provided Induction furnace to R&D of Waseda University
Oct, 1999
Provided metal melting system with vaccumed condition for R&D of private copmany
Oct, 2000
Started production of HF Pre-heater under the brand of IMC-PH series
Dec, 2000
Developed & provided fully Automated HF Pre-heaterfor Automobile device encapsulation
May, 2001
Developed & provided Electric Field Leak monitor
Aug, 2001
Started joint business with inverter generator manufacturer and market-in induction heating buisness field
May, 2002
Magnesium evaporating system used induction heating is developped and provided
Jul, 2002
Special plasma generator with automatic matching system has been develpped for process gas scribing in Semiconductor field
Sep, 2002
Provided induction furnace for ceramics CVD process
May, 2003
Provided getter flash induction heater with 2MHz generator
Sep, 2003
Distributor agreement with NDCI at north America area
Jun, 2004
Started to provide new compact inverter (IMC-ASH series)
Apr, 2005
Manufactured Super Heated Steam Generation system by using induction heating method
May, 2006
Head office & facility moved to Tokorozawa, Saitama
Feb, 2008
Completed 40KW induction heater for precious metal melting & forging system


・Inverter generator for induction heating applications
・HF Induction heating equipments
・Induction coils & furnaces
・HF Pre-heaters, manual & automated
・Maintenance, Spare parts and repairing service for High Frequency equipments
・HF Generator for ultrasonic cleaning,
・Plasma Generator
・DC Pulse generator,

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